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Varicose Veins

At The Vein Clinic, we treat all sizes of veins. Varicose veins are largely seen in the lower legs and pelvis. We complete a comprehensive assessment and can provide treatment for your veins. Some treatments may be covered by Manitoba Health.

You do not require a referral to see our team at The Vein Clinic. However, your doctor may have recommended us and we will provide information on your assessment and treatment back to your doctor after your consult. Consults are free.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are those tiny red and blue veins you might get on your face, body, or legs. They are also called telangiectasia, reticular veins, capillary veins, or spider angiomata. They are not always related to varicose veins but they are cosmetically bothersome.

At The Vein Clinic we will assess your medical history and examine your veins.  We would usually recommend sclerotherapy for spider veins on the legs.